Thursday, September 11, 2008

History of the Lodge

Initially called the W.H.J Mayers Lodge of Instruction, the first moves to create our Lodge were made in 1946. After some delays, the inaugural meeting of the W.H.J Mayers Lodge of Instruction was held on 14 August 1948, holden under the sanction of Gregory Lodge No.50H UGLQ.

The next meeting of the Lodge was an informal one on the 17 September 1948 followed by the Foundation Installation on Friday 26 November 1948.

At the Foundation Installation the District Grand Lodge entrusted the books of both the D.G.L Library and the very large Library of books that were forwarded from the private library of R.W Bro.W.H.J. Mayers to the Lodge of Instruction.

In the first year of the Lodges operation there were forty-two city members and eighty-four country members.

The installing officer was R.W. Bro. G.W. Davison P.S.G.W and the following officers were installed:

Preceptor - V.W.Bro Roy Noble, Gelling Lodge No. 257
Deputy Preceptor - Wor. Bro. E.H. Shepherd, A.I.F Memorial Lodge No.382
Chaplain - R.W.Bro A.H.Thomson, Murray Lodge No.177
Treasurer - Wor. Bro. G.F.Gilmore, Temple Memorial Lodge No.376
Librarian - Bro W. Lindsay, Star of the West Lodge No.49
Secretary - Bro John Orrell, Silver Cross Lodge No.17
Asst Sec - Bro J.V. Marshall, Gregory Lodge No.50

At the installation thanks were given to the following Lodges for their financial support in the forming of the Lodge:

Allan Lodge
Gelling Lodge
Carpentaria Lodge
Murray Lodge
Temple Memorial Lodge
A.I.F. Memorial Lodge

Thanks were also given to the Treasurer and assistant Secretary for covering the costs of the installation cards.

The above information was sourced from the book "Whence Come You" by R.W. Bro. A.D. Wakeham.

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